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So here I am all alone in the park and all of a sudden I get a surprise visit from my crazy friend. I was actually very happy to see him because I was feeling very horny today so his timing was perfect. I started to tease him by rubbing my foot on his cock... within minutes it was hard as a rock.. must be my magic feet. Soon after he was pounding me so hard I almost fell off the!

Today I was waiting for my girlfriend Mara to come over to visit me. She is very beautiful petite latina with big boobs. I've always thought about what it would be like to have sex with her but never had the chance until today. I was very happy when she finally arrived and she even brought some toys with her.. Yay! I can't even describe what it felt like when she started licking my pussy...amazing!


When I have nothing to do I like to hangout by the swimming pool. Today I was wearing my sexy yellow bikini. By now you know what a horny girl I am and how much I love to masturbate. Today I was feeling especially horny and I couldn't wait to touch myself. I just bought this new blue vibrator and I wanted to test it out. It was a perfect fit in my tight asshole!

I was looking forward to today's shoot because I was getting to dress up in this very tight and sexy tomb raider style outfit. I felt very sexy in these cloths and they even gave me matching pistols so don't mess with me or you might have trouble. Not only was I packing guns but I didn't forget to bring along my most important weapon.. My blue vibrator!


Today was alot of fun. I was learning how to play American football. In my country we don't play this sport so it was new to me. Our national sport is Futbol or as you would say in English.. Soccer. But it was fun trying to learn this American football. I really did like it even though I wasn't very good at it :( While playing sports is alot of fun... playing with myself is even more FUN!!

I woke up early today out of bed wearing my red and white babydoll.. its so cute! Yesterday I was shopping for new cloths, you know us girls we like to shop but I didn't just buy cloths, I also found this cool shop that sells all kinds of sex toys. It was amazing inside there.. so many fun things to choose from. Well I did buy one new purple toy just for this scene. It felt so good in my pussy!


Today I'm wearing my sexy white lingerie and feeling very hot! I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a very sexual girl. I mean there's nothing wrong with wanting to masturbate everyday. So today I noticed this water hose nearby where we were shooting the video and I thought it would be cool to get myself all wet while I was playing with my pussy. The water felt amazing and made the experience even more intense.

Last night I couldn't sleep because all I could think about was today's shoot. While I love to masturbate when I'm alone there's nothing better than having a big cock deep inside my pussy. I could tell by the bulge in his pants just how excited he was.. I'm a very passionate person as you'll see in this video. It felt so good but the best part is when he exploded inside of me... mmm!


How can I explain what happen today. Honestly words cannot describe the amazing time I had today making this video. I've always wanted to have sex with my good friends Gigi and Isabella.. but never did I expect to be fooling around with both girls at the same time... yup I'm talking about a threesome! The girls came prepared with their favorite toys.. so let the games begin!

Ok I will admit it.. I hate insects!! Today we were shooting outside in the garden and there were lots of ants around so I was scared to get naked.. I thought something might crawl inside my pussy. Hey I love putting toys and dicks in my pussy but not Speaking of toys. I had my big green vibrator ready for action!


I just returned home from a long day at school. It was very hard to concentrate in my classes today because I had other things on my mind. I think I look cute in my schoolgirl outfit.. don't you?? It was a very hot afternoon today and all day I was having dirty little thoughts about touching myself. Once I arrived home I decided to break out one of my favorite vibrators. My pussy was so wet!

I was spending the weekend at my farm after a long week of studies at school. I was all alone and it was a beautiful summer day. I was thinking what I could do to entertainment myself.. hmm what could a beautful horny girl do. I was alittle sad because I forgot to bring along my dildo but no worries... I'm very good at using my fingers as you'll see in this video.


Did you know I love to eat fruit. Whats cool about our farm is that we grow all our own fruit so its always fresh. Today I was around picking some mangos from the trees and thinking about how I could entertain you today. I was wearing the cutest white lace panties. Don't you wanna see. I ended up on the porch and to my surprise the cameraman had a big green dildo waiting for me.. Yum!

Today was a special day for me and something I was thinking about alot. This video is my first ever sex scene on camera and believe it or not I wasn't even nervous about it.. in fact I was very excited about getting fucked on video. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips about that big hard cock and have him fill up every hole in my body... This video has it all from anal to hot creampie ending!


One of my best friends Isabella came over for a visit. It was a beautiful afternoon and seeing Isabella in those tight little shorts was turning me on big time! We started kissing softly which than led to Isabella licking and fingering my pussy. The things she could do with her tongue were amazing! Both of us were so excited that it didn't take us long to break out the vibrators.

People tell me I have eyes like a cat.. I think thats funny because I love cats so much. Today i was sitting out in the park alone and I thought it would be cool to try and masturbate there. It get me excited trying to do something that is forbidden in public. No one was around and it was a quiet day so I thought why not try it. You should see the size of the dildo I was putting in my tight pussy.. Wow!


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